Top 10 Android Spy Apps and Software you don’t want to miss

Are you a concerned parent trying to understand what your kids are doing with their Android device? Android spy apps help you to find out, who has been calling your kids, investigate what they have been up to lately or determine if they are being honest with you. There are a number of great android spy apps and software readily available to execute your wishes and help you achieve any spy task you need accomplished.

Most times, the services that these apps offer don’t come cheap, but it can well be worth the cash if after all these software helps you do what you want – spy! Android Spy apps will mostly be capturing (and forwarding to your email address) text messages that the subject of spying receives or sends. You will also be able to eavesdrop on conversations or capture both photos and videos without anyone recognizing that you are so doing. In this post, we have listed the top 10 android spy apps that you don’t want to miss on your android mobile, phablet or tablet PC.

1. MobiStealth – from $19.99Mobistealth

MobiStealth is a great parental control app for android that comes at different costs and packages depending on what you specifically need to do. Here’s an official introductory video from Mobistealth company:

The Stealth Spy

With sophisticated innovations and updates, this android spy app is cool for recording and spy calling. Mobile Stealth enables you to directly interrupt calls that might be of harm to your kid or anyone else important to you. Ranked top by most child internet safety advocates, the mobistealth mobile spy app will be your best companion when it comes to protecting your kids from cyber bullying, online predators, social media mishaps and pornography. Once installed, mobistealth starts working directly and sends you information regarding the:

  • Call details
  • Browsing history
  • Complete SMS Data
  • Real-Time Location of the subject user eve when GPS isn’t working
  • Pictures or videos send or received
  • Actual call recordings

The cheapest package that you can get with this spy app (with minimum features enabled) starts off at 0.5$ a day.

Official App Link: Mobistealth

2. mSpy – from $39 to $499


 My spy is great

mSpy is one of the most reliable and good looking spy apps for Android. This spy app has multiple packages for you to select from. They all range differently in price and functionality but provide a consistent and solid service. Whether you are a business owner or a caring mother, you will appreciate what mSpy has to offer.


  • Clean and easy to use interface.
  • Track calls, texts and location easily.
  • Remotely record calls.

Notable Feature:

An advanced keylogger is included in mSpy. This allows you to uncover what the targeted smartphone user types. Yes, this can also potentially reveal their passwords.

Official App Link: mSpy

 3. Spyera – from $189 to $389


 The era of spies

Spyera is one of the best spy software on Android when it comes to user experience. Intercepting calls and ambient listening are fluid and easy to execute. Viewing multimedia files including pictures, images and videos is quite easy as well. Live call recording is a great feature which allows you to record the calls as they happen. Location tracking, calendar tracking and instant messaging tracking are also available on this spy app for Android.


  • Ambient listening enables you to listen whenever you want.
  • Read SMS, emails and instant messages easily.
  • Check address book and read contacts.
  • See what the user is searching on the web via history.

Notable Feature:

The sends a notification when the targeted user changes the SIM card. This way you will know when the person is hiding something.

Official App Link: Spyera

4. The One Spy – from $18 to $140

The One Spy

Say hello to my little spy

Looking for a reasonably priced spy app for Android? The One Spy is the right app for you. While all of the spy apps for Android in this list are capable of doing the right stuff, the One Spy does it in a good price. You can track the phone location easily and it will be displayed on Google Map for accurate representation. The app will also allow you to track messages across multiple platforms including WhatsApp and Viber. Want to know which apps are being used by the target user? The One Spy will readily state which are being used and at what time.


  • Track location and see it on map.
  • View messages from social networks and apps.
  • View photos taken by the smartphone.
  • See photos received from any source.

Notable Feature:

You can easily view all the data remotely with an online One Spy account. Simply open the portal and you will be presented with all the information right there on one spot.

Official App Link: The One Spy

5. Phonesheriff – Currently discontinued

Phone Sheriff

Howdy partner

Phonesheriff is not much of a spy app than a parental control one. But it has some great safety features which will allow you to monitor your child’s phone activities. There are two versions of the app available; one is for parents while the other caters to businesses. Both of them may have minor changes regarding the scope and payments but both of them can be used to monitor and regulate the use of smartphones. The app can block SMS and calls, it can block web access and it can also restrict app usage. With Phonesheriff installed on a smartphone, you will be able to take control of almost every situation. Is your kid spending too much time playing Candy Crush? Or are your employees giving away business secrets? With the Phonesheriff around there won’t be any shenanigans.


  • Block SMS and calls to the target phone.
  • Record SMS, calls and GPS locations.
  • Create time restrictions to control the timings of blocks.
  • App and web filtering.

Notable Feature:

This app is without a doubt the best weapon against sexting. If you are worried that your child may be accessing pornography or involved in unethical chats with strangers, this is the best app for you.

6. Mobile Spy – Currently discontinued

Mobile Spy is a classic android spy app that gives you access to calls, text messages and other personal data on android smartphones and tablets. More importantly, with this android spy app you will be able to access the control panel of the subject android device, live. This means that you can even go ahead and block some apps running on the target device. Here’s a detailed video review from DailyAppShow.

All in all Spying

This ultimate android spy application, Mobile-Spy additionally gives you access to  Whatsapp and Facebook conversations made on the target android device. To add to the list of capabilities that this spy app puts on the table for you, you also get access to emails and GPS locations updated using the Google maps on the target smart phone. The Mobile-Spy android app can be easily installed on the target mobile within just 2-3 minutes, and immediately starts capturing spy data and recording it on your web account. If you suspect that your employees are leaking away company secrets, or that your kids are texting away the whole night and deleting their texts later on, this android spy application captures all the data and uploads it for your perusal even before it can be possible to erase it.

 7. TopSpy – Discontinued

Top Spy

Top brass is here

Just as the name suggest, TopSpy is a top spy when it comes to ease of use. The app has all the features you may require from a through spy app. From getting text messages and call logs to tracking Facebook and Viber activity, TopSpy can do it all. You can gain access to all the calls made and even record them as they happen. You will no longer have to worry about your children doing something irresponsible with TopSpy installed on their smartphones.


  • Easy installation.
  • Can access emails and installed massagers.
  • Track location in real time.

Notable Feature:

Text messages from the phone can be accessed easily. That’s not all though, the app can also collect messages from Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and even Facebook.

 8. StealthGenie – Discontinued

Stealth Genie

Genie in the lamp

Are your kids up to something which might be dangerous? You have to check their smartphones but there is nothing on them? Well install StealthGenie on their phones and get access to all their messages and emails. Sure this will be a little intrusive on their personal privacy but if it saves them from something harmful, it can be easily justified. With StealthGenie installed on their phones you will be able to intercept messages and chats directly and see what is going on with them.


  • Listing to phone calls live and also record them.
  • Views call history of their phone.
  • View and read SMS and even see deleted messages.
  • Check where they are any time with GPS location service.

Notable feature:

StealthGenie allows you to listen to phone surroundings. This is a very handy feature to turn on when your kid is not answering your calls.

 9. RioSpy – Discontinued

Rio Spy

Flashy yet hidden

If you are in the market for a fast and easily installable spy app for Android then RioSpy is a great one for you. The app installs on only 5 minutes and can give you almost full access to a target smartphone. From SMS tracking to identifying GPS location, the app does it all. By using the remote control panel you will be able to read contacts and even monitor internet usage.


  • View instant messages from third party apps.
  • Read SMS, even the deleted ones.
  • View calls history even if it is removed.

Notable Feature:

RioSpy allows you to send SMS commands to the target smartphone. The commands SMS are not visible to the user and will allow a large degree of control.

10. InnovaSpy – Discontinued

Innova Spy

I know what

InnovaSpy is another good spy app for Android which uses advanced mechanics for snooping. From tracking the smartphone’s location to recording text messages, the app can do it all. Are you doubtful of your kid’s faithfulness towards you? Well it’s better to be safe than have your heart broken down the road. We understand that installing apps on your kid’s smartphone is bit on the grey side but let’s face it, you need to know if they are safe. By installing innovaSpy on their device, you can have the peace of mind.


  • Read phone SMS remotely.
  • View contacts in the contact book.
  • See all the photos captured.
  • Check app usage.

Notable Feature:

You can remove or uninstall the app remotely. This feature comes in use when you don’t have easy access to the smartphone.

Don’t Get Spied on, Too

If you have a reason to spy on someone, they may also have a reason to spy on you too…and there is no point eavesdropping someone’s conversations and at the same time having them spy on you – this is the kind of situation where you think you are smart but end up realizing that you are not as such. Well, to make sure that no one will be spying on you, there are a couple of android anti spy applications that you can make use of:

Anti-Spy Mobile

Anti Spy Mobile

With great advances in phone spying technologies and applications, anyone who’s got your cell phone number can easily install a monitoring application and keep track of all your text messages, calls and even location. A free antispyware application, Anti Spy Mobile makes sure that no one can do this. It scans your android smartphone for spy apps and removes them (if found). Although this is a free download application, you may upgrade to the professional version and get an automatic background and super-fast scanner, plus status bar notifications.

AntiSpy & Antivirus

Anti Spy and ANtivirus

AntiSpy and Anitvirus was designed to protect you from any android spy apps in the most effective way, AntiSpy is an advanced android application that notifies you anytime someone tries to spy on your phone. Unlike conventional spy apps which are not very thorough in exposing spy activities, AntiSpy detects spyware and notifies you in stealth mode, to make sure that the bad guy isn’t also alerted. This android spy app also protect your android mobile from virus which is an added advantage.


With an android smartphone, the capabilities of what you can achieve are unlimited. With a good android spy app you can monitor anyone’s conversations, locations and perhaps activities. However, you must be careful not to get entangled with infringement of personal privacy, which can get you into trouble with the law. If at all you will be using an android spy app, do so with restraint and responsibility.

Legal notice: Please do not use these spy apps to spy on individuals without their permission. It is breaking of law. do not recommend users to use these apps on individuals to track them or harass them. Please read terms and condition of the individual software maker. We do not accept responsibility for actions involved with purchasing, installing or using these apps. Use it at your own risk. By clicking any links in this website, you agree to our Legal Terms and Privacy & Disclaimer.


    • Dani says

      Chris, to monitor iphone 5, you need to have a spy app that is compatible with it. The best way to start on this is to use apps like Mobistealth which is compatible with both Android and iPhone 5.

    • Dani says

      You don’t have to download it on 2 phones. I guess your question is around using an Android app to monitor iPhone. Am I right?

      To do that you need to first check whether the Android app has a iPhone version of the same. Good way to do this is search in Apple’s App market. Once you find the same app on App market, get it installed on the iPhone that needs to be tracked. That’s it. Now all activities from iPhone will be logged to your online account. Hope this helps.

  1. antara says

    Me and my partner we both have android.. I need to get details of call logs, call recordings, whatsapp etc. Which app do u suggest. And how will I get the information about what’s happening on her mobile…

    • Dani says

      We suggest mSpy which is one of the top spy app available today. Not only you could view her call logs, recordings and whatsapp, you can also remotely switch on her mic and camera to see what’s she is doing or what’s her environment looks like.

      All the information gathered from her mobile gets uploaded on internet and you can access them by logging into your online account.
      Hope this helps.

      • antara says

        K. Thanks. But can’t find the mobile spy app on the playstore.. We both are using android
        Can u plz send the playstore link for the app..

        • Dani says

          It’s a third party non-playstore app and hence will not be available on Playstore. All you have to do is order via their website and follow the instructions given to install the application.

  2. antara says

    If I will install it on her mobile, will she get to know that there is an application installed on her phone… She keep on updating and deleting applications… If she will get to see an app installed like that then she will delete it…

    • narwan says

      My husband use galaxy note 3 he is going to another country so he will change his sim in that country if I install one of apps which one is safe? N will he receive any notification after changing his sim?

    • Dani says

      Most of the Apps available on Play Store or rather primitive. Because of the luxury that Android offers for 3rd party apps, they tend to use that environment to take full advantage. Nevertheless, all these apps can be trusted as they are developed and marketed by some big names in the industry.

  3. Smita says

    Is that app will work on every android versions. As I have Samsung Galaxy Y 5360. Will any of these can be installed on it?

    • Dani says

      What do you mean by codes to facebook and email? The apps listed above can track facebook messages and email if that’s what you are asking.

  4. MzB33 says

    Is there a good Android Spy App I can use that I don’t have to have access my partner’s phone? Something to where maybe I can use/enter my partner’s cell phone # to install the software on his phone instead of having to physically have access to his phone. I can get his phone but I can’t get inside of it because he has it locked or password protected!! I don’t know the password so I can’t get inside of his phone…UGH!!! Help…

    • Trey says

      I have looked at a lot of the available software out there and there is nothing available that can access a locked or password protected phone; at this time. I suggest asking to use his phone; pretending yours is dead, or that you left yours at home. and watch as closely as you can to see his password. The better but less comfortable option is to ask him to unlock his phone so you can lay some fears to rest with open and honest communication. of course, you would offer to let him look at and go through your phone as well. If there are trust issues that have built up over time, it may be time to seek relationship counseling. My wife and I have each other user ID’s and passwords for the phones, email, Facebook, etc. This is a route you may want to try to consider. If he is closed to it then he should not be in a relationship.

  5. Martin says

    I like in all above. Tispy on rank 3. This apps give me accurate location , call recording and live panel also works. I used mobile spy and tispy both but tispy is best in this spying market

  6. Susan Ellis Smith says

    I’d like to know what apps will report on my child’s facebook messaging and normal texting, as well as texting apps such as whatsapp and snapchat. Monitoring phone calls is not an issue. Which apps will help me?

    • Dani says

      Hello Susan,
      We recommend to use Mobile Spy which ranks 1st in our list. It monitors your child facebook messages, activities, whatsapp etc.
      Thanks for the question.

  7. salman gul says

    i am not understanding that how it will work ,by number or by the same phones . and it can work with any nokia sets

    • Dani says

      Hi Salman,

      It works only by the phone. No these apps will nt work in Nokia. These apps are applicable only to android phones.
      Thanks for reading.

    • Dani says

      Hi Ashleigh,

      You need others phone to install the spy software in their phone to spy them.
      If this is not the answer you are looking for, please ask your question in detail.

      Thanks for reading.

  8. Alan says


    My kid is in Spain on a vacation, he is using Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0
    I was wondering if there is any way that I could remotely install any parental control software or android spy software on his tablet via email attachment or something?


    • Dani says

      Well you can remotely install, but you need to signin in your PC with the same google account. You may watch to know more:

      Thanks for reading.

      • tim says

        Watched video on how to remotely install apps with computer but how would i be able if posable to install hyster spy app in the same way like it being attached to an email but not show up as that specific program being installed?

        • max says

          I have also same question but couldn’t find a solution. .If anybody can help please. (If I could remotely install? )

  9. bg says

    Im currently using phone tracker a new app from google. It works great except I’m not receiving web history activities in the control panel. How do I activate this part of the web activities data to transfer over to phone tracker? Is there a setting in the phone that I need to enable to activate the web history, so i can see what websites my child is visiting? Everything else is showing but that. This is on a galaxy note4. Please help ?

  10. mb says

    For some reason option one sent me to a blank page. So I went to option two. So if I buy the one yr plan, and if the person being spied on get a new phone but same number what happens?

  11. Vijay Namdev says

    Respected Sir
    Please Let me know about top FREE SPY apps for android phones
    My Wife has Sony Xperia Tipo phone. How can I spy her calls and call recordings

  12. Eric says

    To any and all of you who are seriously considering these programs as a reality in your life…

    1. If you don’t trust your partner than you should just move on. Spying on them to “learn” something is gonna do nothing more than result in your relationship ending anyways… WHY WAIT? WHY DRAG IT OUT? JUST END IT. Trust is all we have left in this world and if you don’t have it for your partner then it’s over… YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS OVER.

    2. If you are spying on your children or your co-workers, the least you could do is inform them that such a program has been installed on their phones and give them the sound reasoning they deserve to hear for your decision. I can understand the desire to monitor an account that you are paying for but to give someone a phone and not tell them of your included monitoring behaviors is straight up SABATOGE. Don’t be an a*****.

    3. Don’t be an a******. Don’t be an A******. DON’T BE AN A******! What kind of sick kicks will you get from spying on your friends, family, or co-workers… when in the end the truth will come out and you will be discovered? Is it worth losing any trustworthiness you may have with them? Even if you don’t get discovered, your behavior towards them will change with time as you learn things about them by digging into their private lives. Which in turn will effect your relationships/friendships negatively.

    4. I am here on this site because I recently got the weirdest vibe when I was at a friends house for a few days… I had known this guy for almost 20 years… and now due to technology I find out he is nothing more than a snoop. Crappy way to lose a friend but as stated, if their is no trust than what the f*** is really going on? NO TRUST = NO WAY I can’t afford being around people I don’t trust.

    Don’t even dare think for one second that using this technology just to check on someone else’s trustworthiness somehow means that your in the clear… Your not. You may very well be the source of other peoples uneasiness and inability to treat you with truthful respect.

    Spying on somebody to make sure they are being truthful is the most ridiculous hypocritical thing I could imagine. GO F*** YOURSELF.

    • Aly says

      Eric I totally agree! If its to that point your relationship is effed. I’m at that point now. My husband is constantly repeating things that are said in my texts that he is not part of and has no business of knowing. How did you find your spy app?It has nothing to do with whether someone is cheating or not, it has everything to do with boundaries and having a spy app crosses them!

      • Julie says

        I think to NOT want to use a spy app (especially if it’s your spouse and you have a perceived reason to, and by the way, a right to) then you are just burying your head in the sand you little goodie two shoes. And you will unfortunately get what you have coming to you, which is a complete surprise.

      • Nikki says

        AGREED! I have multiple people doing it to me now…bringing up conversations I never had with them. People find it funny. It’s my life and nothing about it is funny to me. NOTHING!

        You also could be doing something else better with you time. Small minds come from small people.

        Thanks Aly for having respect for others and be wise! I hope you situation gets better soon.

    • Julie says

      I spy on my spouse and only my spouse. I don’t have that right over anyone else. I think it’s smart.

    • Nikki says


      I totally agree with your comment. I have a former supervisor who is attempting to sabotage my job opportunities and friends by listening to my phone conversations and sending them information. This type of tool only shows insecurity. If you are that insecure, you need to look inside…not at the other person.

      Kudos Eric, Kudos!

  13. Astal says

    Don’t forget “WHO SPY” the new security tool, enable you to make a fast review of the applications installed on your device, and the permissions you gave them to access your private data.
    Knowledge of who has access to your personal information is the best way to keep your privacy.

  14. Lexus says

    What about the MSPY ? Have you tested this app? I have heard they are good. Called and talked to techs which are in UK. But I’m not sure? ?

    • Dani says

      Hi Lexus,

      We did test it recently and it has proven good as top spy apps listed here.
      We will roll out its details when we update this blog post

  15. Swift says

    I have a note 3 my wife has iPhone 4 which is a good app to use to track her location monitor calls, text messages, emails, facebook and anything else please help.

    • Dani says


      We always recommend first and second app in this list. many people has given us feedback that it works great. Coming to your question, this app also works in iOS, so it should be ok. Remember we have not tested this app in iOS. We have made our testing in android and it was awesome.
      Hope this helps and thanks for reading.

  16. Coco says

    Riospy is no longer available. I had that app for 2 years and recently I went to log in and riospy is nowhere to found on the internet . I cannot believe this considering I was still on a plan when it happened. So its only fair to say that you can remove riospy from your “top spy apps” cause riospy is gone.

    • Dani says

      Coco, we believe Riospy should be back on track. Anyways thanks for letting us know. We will consider your input and rewrite the article accordingly. Cheers!

  17. daisyvo says

    Our daughter stole our truck, bank cards, credit cards and the smartphone. The only way to find her was by tracking the cell with your monitoring spyware. The police were able to catch her with the messages.

  18. Sanju says

    I know the Gmail id and password of my partner, How can I install the spy software on target Mobile without physically access of her Mobile

    • Dani says

      Even if you have Google play it is going to be tricky if you don’t have physical access. All the android spy apps are third party apps which means they aren’t available over Google play. You can install remotely provided you do a one time setup (however that defeats the purpose isn’t?!).

      Unfortunately if you don’t have physical access to even do this one time setup, I am afraid no one would be able to help you.

      • Dave says

        Wow! I figured that it was some kind of ‘incident’ that was behind the change. I’m surprised that it went to this level though (FBI?). I guess they want to be the only ones in the business of spying, along w the CIA and NSA.

  19. maindoc says

    Dear Sir
    I want to purchase a monitoring software with the only purpose of audio recording of all incoming and outgoing calls which i can hear later on .
    But after reading reviews and visiting respective websites, it is not clear which apps offer actual audio recording and which apps just show the call records (without ability to hear them)
    Also some apps like imobispy have a one time payment plan which makes me suspicious.
    Therefore Sir, kindly help me to choose the one which fulfils above.
    Kindly advise me. Thanks

  20. Dave says


    I’ve noticed that many of the software companies have pulled their apps (TopSpy) or have cut back on any of their features related to either phone call recording or environment/surround recordings (MSpy). Was there a recent legal move made by someone to trigger this? This has all seemed to have happened in the past week.

    Thanks, Dave.

  21. Mel says

    Phone sheriff’s website is completely down and have been for nearly two weeks. Most of the other sites you mentioned above are discontinued and not available for use. Can you please just recommend a site that actually is NOT discontinued and one that tracks phone calls, messages, whatsapp, snap chat, internet history , and possibly key logging? Thank you! Great article BTW at very least even though most options are not longer available , the article gives you a glimpse of what to possibly look for in an app.

    • Dani says

      Hey Mel, yes, we have updated the article with the list of active services. Checkout the first three and you can chose one based on your need.

  22. eliana says

    Hi, is there an app where I don’t have to install the spy app on the phone I want to spy? Is there one I can download on my android phone and type in the phone number of the other android phone I want to spy on?

  23. Tim says

    Now that Mspy does not do call recording I have switched to Spyera but have only gotten 2 call records out of maybe 15 phone calls. Is this normal? And it takes them forever to update info. Is the call record feature on Mobistealth better? Are you able to pick when it sends the call recording to their server? Live chat support good?

    • Dani says

      This is not normal. You should get records of all phone calls. Yes Mobistealth is better based on user reviews.

      • Dave says

        Where do you see that Mobispy allows call recordings? I know they used to but their current site doesn’t show this feature. Can someone prove otherwise?

  24. Galby Karen says


    I found there are so many spy apps like iKeyMonitor which claimed that they are only can be installed by the authorized owners. But actually how the sellers know if the customers install the apps on their own cell phones? Or they just fool themselves?


  25. Hush says


    Just wanna know whether these apps work with Indian mobile operators like vodafone, airtel,idea etc or it doesn’t matter whichever operator is it. Is it applicable to all android devices or is there any limitations. Would you please recommend some brands that are most compatible with it.

    • Dani says

      It doesn’t matter which operator you use. All brands are compatible with any android phone. Whatever we have listed is best in spy category.

  26. krishna says

    I want android spy app to spy my wife mobile.I want a app like I can spy her mobile at the same time she also spy her mobile but she shouldn’t know that I am spying her mobile.

  27. Mark says


    Can you please recommand me the best app in which i can monitore key logs, call recording, Facebook, whatsapp message monitoring, gps location.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Dani says

      Hello Mark, in the above list the top three apps are the best. You could choose mobistealth (which we have ranked as number 1) for your needs.

    • Hougou says

      I don’t know what’s the best, but I used iKeyMonitor mobile spy app, which can log all that you mentioned!

      • Dani says

        Thanks for sharing your experience, Hougou. iKeyMonitor just logs your input while these apps try to record everything.

  28. robert says


    most of the spy apps required rooting for android …why? which is the best app to installed to target device without rooting? looking to monitor whatsapp , call recording , facebook, call records, sms records, ambient voice recording, and internet usage.? …if definitely needed to root device …i am just a parent trying to monitor their children..not an expert on computers or applications …which is the best and simple way to root a samsung galaxy 3 phone? great publication very informative,,,thanks for answering Sr.

    • Dani says

      Robert, appreciate you taking time to read our website. Yes, most of them needs rooting because by default the phone doesn’t allow installation of apps of this nature. You can Google and find ways to root your Galaxy 3. Good luck.

      • B says

        i second this question. is there any “good and reliable” software out there that can give you as many features without rooting the phone? I had spyera before (their customer service is very awful by the way and actually non existent). i was able to get the GSP, SMS, calls, web history, pictures, call recording and ambient recording (up to 15 minutes) . I was not able to get any facebook, skype or whatsapp information because the phone is not rooted. Any other software out there that would do as much without rooting?

    • Dani says

      Which app are you talking about? Most of the apps will have control panel which can be accessed via their website.

  29. james nayr lubiano says

    It is possible to locate my wife I use my google map or else any way there locate exact position if she’s moving anywhere.

  30. Godwin says

    Dani, please can I use one cell phone spy software for two target phone. Again can I uninstall from one target phone and later reinstall on another one.

    • Dani says

      Yes, you can, you can install in one target phone, uninstall and install it in another target again. Thanks!

  31. Sumaira says

    Dear Admin,
    I have read all the forum but I think all of the software’s stop giving access to mic in real time,
    could you please tell me Is there any app available and actively working which can record calls, invisibly turn on mic and record surrounding or I can listen them live also can have access to gallery and facebook, whatsapp, viber Skype, etc

    • Dani says

      Sumaira, there are many apps which could do this, but the configuration will vary. For example, mSpy has something called time interval between which you have just 3 minutes to head home or to be in someone else us.

  32. mangesh says


    My brother used to check his mob all time and remove unwanted apps

    When I wil use any apps in his phone. What to do for hiding this app?

  33. Jon says

    With mspy app, can I schedule a recording audio for a given day at a given hour?
    Otherwise are there apps (without rooting) that do this?

    Please help me, it’s very important for me…

    • Dani says

      Jon, no, mSpy does not have this feature. What you are asking for might be illegal and hence many software vendors stopped using this type of feature after the version 4.3.3. if busy. It would be good if you get something they wanted.

      • Jon says

        Why is this feature illegal while recording and spying incoming/outgoing calls (a thing which MobiStealth and others do) is not ?

        Thanks for your reply.

        • Dani says

          Apologies, Jon, I have to correct my comment. Yes, you are right; the feature you requested per se cannot be illegal. It is just on who and how you spy makes up to the fact weather it is legal or not. The feature of scheduled recording, in my opinion, is probably not appealing to the mass crowd. Hence the spy app companies might have not developed it. It’s worth sending them a support ticket and see if they are willing to take this request on board their product plan.

          • Jon says

            I have found that has these features. Its is CmcAppMobile and it works very well.
            It has a downside though, when it starts call recordings, the audio of the person on the other end is pretty low.
            Searching on the net, it seems that it is a common problem to all spy apps.
            Could you tell me if also mSpy has the same problem?

          • Dani says

            Jon, I don’t think mSpy has that problem. We haven’t got a single complaint from readers about this. It’s worth to check with mSpy support though.

  34. Jen says

    Do these spy apps work to view browsing history if the person uses Google Incognito mode on their phone?

    • Dani says

      Yes, they do, because they record key logging, they are capable of grabbing incognito mode browsing history as well.

  35. Tom says


    Is there any spying application I can use if I don’t have access to the target phone? and it’s password protected?

    Thank you.

  36. Ezzy says

    Which spy app will able to work without having to have physical excess to the phone. I only have the phone number, how to I gain more information from the phone.

  37. wenwennie says

    My wife is going to have a business trip and I am afraid of her, but I have installed a iKeyMonitor on her phone, I want to know whether it works?

  38. diya says

    I want to spy on boyfriend phone. is there any app? who can help me.and I want to do it without know him.

    • Dani says

      Hi Manoj,

      Thanks for asking the question. Each spy apps has their own way of installation and cost. I suggest you visit their website as listed in the article to understand more. If you have how a specif app needs to be installed, let us know and we can help you out.

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