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Cell phones, today, can do a lot more than they were able to do 10 years ago. From social media, checking emails and making presentations to using millions of apps available in the iOS and Google Play stores, there isn’t a lot that cell phones cannot do today. While smartphones are a great way of keeping up with the latest technology and making life a little bit easier, they do come at a cost. Cell phones can be easily misused by users and there isn’t much we can do about it.

Mobile Spy is currently the hottest cell phone spy software which can help you monitor what others are doing on their cell phones and see whether they are misusing their privileges. A short summary of Mobile Spy was posted in The New York Times as well, claiming that their software can easily track a number of things from an individual’s mobile phone.

Let’s begin this Mobile Spy review post by answering few common questions about cell phone spy.

Who exactly is mobile spy for?

Mobile Spy is for all the cellphone users who want to track someone. It is a great software for parents to monitor what their children are doing on their cell phones and whether they are lying about their location and so on. Also, it is a great tool for employers if they can give away work phones to their employees and monitor what their employees are doing. For example, a mutual fund employer could hand away work phones to their employees and monitor whether the employees are disclosing confidential information to others outside the company. A spouse might also use Mobile Spy to monitor if their partner is having an affair.

What stuffs can you track?

Mobile Spy can track almost everything on the phone, which you would need in order to monitor what the individual is doing with his/her mobile phone. Here is a list of what you can spy on a target’s cell phone with cell phone spy installed:

  • You can record audio and capture images from the phone’s camera
  • Social media tracking including posts and messages from Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
  • Text messages including message texts, numbers and time
  • Call tracking including numbers dialed, time/duration and call direction
  • GPS tracking including maps of all the locations tracked
  • All photos and videos recorded from the phone’s camera
  • Gmail tracking including email text and time
  • Youtube tracking including videos watched and links to the videos
  • Instant messaging tracking including Facebook messenger, BBM and Whatsapp
  • Blocking apps installed on the phone including uninstalling and blocking apps installed on the device
  • All phone and email contacts
  • Wiping the device remotely
  • Sending SMS remotely from the device
  • Aside from all these, Mobile Spy also includes a premium Live Control feature which costs additional $49.97 per year. With this feature, you can view the screen of the device, send emails, make calls and get instant locations. While all the features are impressive, the great thing is that you can do all of these in complete stealth, without the user knowing that he/she is being monitored continuously.

Do I need to root my target’s cell phone?

Yes and No. If you are rooted, then you will be able to use all the features available for Android. However, if you are not rooted, then these features won’t be available to you:

  • Gmail logs
  • Facebook messenger logs
  • Twitter messenger logs
  • Whatsapp logs
  • Live view screenshots from the premium Live Control Panel service

Which smartphones are supported?

Mobile Spy supports all the popular devices including Windows, Android, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry smartphones. For more information on other devices, you can visit the official Mobile Spy Website. Here, we mainly focus on the Android OS and we have thoroughly tested this spy software on our test Android device. The spyware does work on most Android devices running OS version 2.0 to version 4.3.1. In order to check if your device is supported, you can check the compatibility through this link.

How do I install mobile spy on the target phone if it is password protected?

A lot of Android users do use passwords and patterns to lock their phones, as a lot of private information is usually stored in the device. If the device you are targeting is password protected, and if you still really want to install Mobile Spy on the device, then you can view see these guides in breaking the target’s password locks.

  • Method by XDA member iamareebjamal
  • Method by XDA member m.sabra

You can try these methods at your own risk, as we haven’t tested these methods. If you don’t want to “hack” into the device, here are some tips to overcome the password/pattern:

  • Guessing numerous passwords. You might be able to guess your way around the password by trying options such as birthdays and names.
  • You can look at the target user putting in the password/pattern when they use the phone.
  • You could make them unlock their device. You can maybe tell them about this new spy app which you want to show them on their device and can then quickly download and install Mobile Spy.

Is there a way that I can secretly and remotely install the app onto the device?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as this tracking software is not available on the Google Play Store and because you need to physically configure the app. Even if you can install it remotely, you will need to physically use the device to launch the app directly from the installation screen as it won’t appear in the app drawer. Just installing the monitoring software won’t be enough and you won’t be able to track anything. You can still install the app without the user knowing with these tips:

  • If you are an employer giving work phones to employees, you can simply install the app before giving the phones out. A similar way can be used for handing the phones to children by parents.
  • You can install the app secretly when the user is sleeping or is focusing on something else, without looking at his/her phone.
  • You can maybe take the phone to select and play music on the device while simultaneously installing the app.

Will the targeted user know that they are being monitored?

No. Once you can get the targeted cell phone to install this cell phone spy software, the software will be hidden at all times without the user knowing that he/she is being monitored.

How exactly will I get the monitored information?

You will get all the monitored information on the logs page. You can open this page either on your PC or your smartphone. Once you login with your username and password, you will be able to access all the monitored information.

How much does it cost?

  • $49.97 for a 3 month license
  • $69.97 for a 6 month license
  • $99.97 for a 1 year license

Mobile Spy Review

How Mobile Spy Works

Understanding how Mobile Spy works is quite simple. Firstly, you purchase  the license and get the app for the targeted phone. You can then configure the app according to your needs. The targeted user uses his/her phone normally, and if the app is installed on the device, Mobile Spy tracks every action performed on the device. You can then view all the actions of the device by logging into your account on the real-time logs website.

Registering your account

Registration is quite simple.

Step 1

First, purchase the app through this link. You will need to enter all the payment details and agree to all the terms and conditions.  Once you are done and the purchase has been confirmed, you will get an email with the activation code.

Registering Mobilespy Account


Step 2

Next, register for the app through this link. For registration, you will need to provide your contact information, email address etc. You will also need to use the activation code that you received earlier in order to activate the account.

Purchase Mobilespy


Installing And Using The App On The Targeted Device

Step 1

Now, you can install the Mobile Spy app on the targeted phone. You can visit this link for installing the app on devices other than Android. For Android, open “ http://rxsand.com” in the browser of the targeted phone. Then, simply click on Download Now. This will download the apk file onto your device, which you can install through any file manager.Install Mobilespy


Step 2

After installing, open the app directly from the installation window because the app won’t be visible in the app  drawer. Now, login with your account information.

Mobilespy Installed



Step 3

When you’re logged in, you can edit the settings on what you want to monitor. You can also select whether you want basic location tracking or advanced location tracking. Advanced tracking updates the location of the device at regular intervals.Mobilespy Settings

Mobilespy Advanced Settings


Step 4

Once you’re done configuring, you can give the phone back to the targeted user. This cell phone spy app will now be hidden and the user won’t know what is happening in the background. The app will then automatically update the log whenever the device is connected to the internet either on mobile network or on WiFi.

How To View The Phone’s Activity

Step 1

In order to view everything going on in the device, you can head over to the logs page where all the information is directly updated from the targeted device. You will need to login with your account information.

Mobilespy Online Login


Step 2

You can now select whatever you want to view from the toolbox on the left including pictures, emails, calls, messages, Cell ID, location, stealth camera and much more.

Mobile Spy does a wonderful job of capturing information on the device and displaying it on the logs page. Viewing the phone’s action is straight forward and you can easily view it on the web page. Check out some of the screenshots of how Mobile Spy records and displays information of the device. (Some of the images have been censored due to private information).

Mobile Spy Log 1

Mobile Spy Log 2

Mobile Spy Log 3

Mobile Spy Log 4

Mobile Spy Log 5

Mobile Spy Log 6


Additional  Tips

  •  If you want to change the configurations of the app, you will need to dial #54321* and this will launch the settings menu for Mobile Spy.
  • Mobile Spy provides customer support 7 days a week from 9AM to 5PM EST. You can call at 1-888-475-5345 for technical support.
  • All logs might be deleted after 30 days from your logs page.


Mobile Spy is probably the best spying app for all the supported mobile phones. It has superior features, is relatively easy to use and tracks almost everything on the targeted device. If you are looking to  monitor someone legally, then this is probably the best app that you can get. Feel free to shoot us any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you. Mobile Spy doesn’t promote using the app in an illegal manner and neither do we! Please make sure that you only use the app in an ethical manner.

Legal notice: Please do not use these spy apps to spy on individuals without their permission. It is breaking of law. Spy-Apps-Software.com do not recommend users to use these apps on individuals to track them or harass them. Please read terms and condition of the individual software maker. We do not accept responsibility for actions involved with purchasing, installing or using these apps. Use it at your own risk. By clicking any links in this website, you agree to our Legal Terms and Privacy & Disclaimer.

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