BonnieBonnie Skott

Co-Founder & Chief Editor

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Hi! I am an IT student, spending my busy days studying mobile programming, mobile infrastructure solutions, working as a freelance writer and enthusiastic photographer.

I’m a huge fan of all modern technologies and innovations. I found the way technology changes our life truly amusing, but I am also worried about various threats that appear alongside it.

Cyber bullying, cyber stalking and online blackmailing are no joke for anyone, especially for the young generation. Phone tracking software could be a way to challenge all modern online threats, but using those is not a trivial task.

On this web site I’ll focus on all aspects of mobile monitoring, providing fair data and mobile tracking apps reviews for all concerned parents and other potential users. Stay tuned!

thuurThuur Bliek

Co-Founder & Administrator

I’ve been working in various media and IT companies throughout my career in both Netherlands and USA, and I’ve been always interested in blogging phenomenon.

I always appreciated a challenge of developing, running and improving an online businesses as I truly believe it is a new format of modern entrepreneurship.

Finally, my vast experience allowed me to become a co-author of Spy-Apps-Software blog, providing administrational and operational support, and helping to produce a high quality reviews to all who struggle in the quest of finding the best cell phone monitoring/security solutions.