What You Need to Know About Rooting and Android Spy Apps

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Android, as an operating system, has always been liked by people for the amount of customizability it offers. It’s a much more open piece of software than Apple’s iOS. However, while on the one hand, it means users can do almost whatever they wish in terms of software, it also means that the platform is much easier to be accessed by things such as spy apps. Spy apps for Android phones can be found in multitudes online and these can give you access to all the information you need about someone’s phone use, and if you know how to root Android phones that you want to track, it’ll be almost as if you own the target phone yourself.

But before you go and start looking for the best spy apps available, let’s take a look in some more detail as to what Android spy apps actually do.

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What Are Android Spy Apps?

Android spy apps, like XNSpy or Spyera are those applications that are designed to gain access to the information within a phone and deliver it to the user of the spy app. These apps work by buying themselves in the target phone, running in the background, and delivering all the information they track about the user’s phone usage to another person.

A spy app can track a person’s phone calls, messages, social media apps, browser and web usage, emails, photos and videos, live location, and much more. These things are the basics that even the cheap spy apps for Android can track. If you shell out more money then you can get apps that can let you intercept calls, make changes to a phone’s settings, and even wipe the target phone off completely if you so wish.

Needless to say, using a spy app can be quite serious business and it shouldn’t be taken lightly at all.

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Who Would Use an Android Spy App?

If you’re wondering what kind of a person would want to spy on someone else, the answer is ‘many kinds’. Some of the most common users of Android spy apps are:

  • Parents who wish to keep an eye on how their children are using their phones in order to keep them safe from online predators or bullies.
  • Employers who want to make sure that their employees are working on the clock rather than wasting time on their phones.
  • People in a relationship who are having doubts about their partner’s loyalties and want to check whether they are being truthful with them or not.

There are many scenarios in which it would seem okay to use an Android spy app. However, you should remember that using an Android spy app without the target’s consent is deemed illegal and can cause trouble for you. It’s important to use such apps safely and responsibly, as the invasion of someone’s privacy for your personal gain is never okay.

So Where Does ‘Rooting’ Come In?

If you’ve been reading up on Android spy apps, you may have come face to face with the word ‘rooting’. What does it mean to root your phone? Well, in simple terms, rooting is a process that breaks all the barriers between you and your phone’s software. It allows you to make system-level changes to an Android phone, even going as far as allowing you to completely flash new software to your phone. Learning how to root Android is not something easy and can result in you completely ‘bricking’ a phone, so be careful about it.


But what does rooting your phone do in terms of using a spy app? If the target phone you wish to spy on is rooted, then your chosen Android spy app can do a whole lot more than cheap spy apps for Android do. You will be able to control the target phone by uninstalling apps you don’t like, putting up restrictions on app usage, reading someones Whatsapp messages and much more. It’s not really necessary if you’re just a parent who wishes to ensure safe phone usage by their children, but it is something that people with nefarious motives often love to do.


So, now you know what spy apps for Android phones can do whether you know how to root an Android phone or not. These apps, if used correctly and ethically, can help you keep your loved ones safe or your employees in check. But at the same time, they can be very dangerous to you and others and can lead to a whole lot of problems as well. Always be careful of the apps you use and also keep an eye on your own phone for weird behavior. You never know, maybe someone would like to track your activities without you knowing too.

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