3 Best SMS Spy Apps or Text Message Spy Apps for Android

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Checking what your kids are up to can be a little hard these days. Smartphones, while making our life easier, have made wholesome spying a hassle. Thanks to these text message spy apps for Android you will at least have a general idea about what is going on. It is important that you keep an eye on your kids especially in their teenage years, these days kids have multiple means to stray away from the good path. The text message spy apps for Android will not only enable you to know where and what your kid is doing but also give you their exact location as well.

Note: The 3 great text message spy apps for Android were tried out on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and a HTC One M8. The spy apps were installed on HTC One M8 and only text messages were tested. The apps offer many other features which were not completely tested but the few that were tested worked fine. The text message spying was a complete success though as well as the location tracking. Both phones were running on the latest stock Android version supplied by their respective manufacturers. None of the apps are available on the Google Play Store and can only be obtained via official web pages.

1. mSpy – From $29.99 to $479.97mSpy


Taps Into Your GPS

Another good app among the text message spy apps for Android, mSpy brings a lot to the table. The app is a little expensive, well let’s be honest, it’s very expensive but it does provide what you desire. The app is fully capable of spying on text messages but that’s not the only thing it is good it. For one the interface is extremely user-friendly and provides quick and easy updates.

Secondly the service is very reliable and discrete. From automatic software updates on the target phone to getting hold of call history, mSpy is capable of delivering almost anything to you. If you are looking more than just to spy on text messages, the basic version of this app will cover almost every major aspect. But if you are only interested in limited time text message spying, then I recommend the first app.


  • Can get Texts, Emails, and MMS.
  • You can view photos and videos.
  • GPS location is available.

Notable Feature:

The app monitors calls very thoroughly. It allows you to view incoming and outgoing calls along with their duration and timestamps. Text messages are available instantly and even if the tracked device deletes them, you will still get a copy of the text.


2. MobiStealth – From $19.99 to $139.99Mobistealth


Stealthy Yet Effective

Don’t be intimidated by the high price point of the app, since the basic version, which will run you $19.99 for two weeks, features text message logging which is all you will need. Sure the price is a little bit high, but hey, this is no ordinary app. MobiStealth provides a great looking and easy to use interface both on Android devices as well as web browsers.

You can read detailed messages sent from the target device which even list the sender/receiver numbers. You will have total watch over a specific smartphone and nothing will go in or out without you knowing. The basic version also allows you to check who the intended person is calling and even know their exact location. In other words for only 20 bucks you will gain complete access to a smartphone.


  • Solid interface which works great on any browser.
  • Can track location in real-time.
  • Text messages are sorted well.

Notable Feature:

MobiStealth is number one among the text message spy apps for Android because it doesn’t require a rooted device to work. This is a great plus for those who aim to quickly install the app without anyone knowing.


3. HelloSpy – From $7.39 to $119.99Hello Spy


Try a Demo for Free

HelloSpy is among the most consistent text message spy apps for Android. While many came and went as evidenced by Spy article we wrote a little while ago, HelloSpy remains vigilant in providing quality services. The remote SMS tracker feature of this app allows you to read all the text messages coming in and out of the target device. You even get names and time stamps with the obtained messages making this an incredibly useful app. If you are worried about something and need to investigate, this is the cheapest way to do so.


  • Read phone contacts.
  • Track Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook messages as well.
  • See internet browsing history.

Notable Feature:

With only $7.39 for 10 days of usage, HelloSpy is one of the most reasonable text message spy apps for Android. They even offer a fully loaded 48 hour demo, which is what I used to test the app. This is a great way to know if you want the app permanently or not.

no longer avaliable


The 3 great text message spy apps for Android are great and all but we advise caution in using them. Sometimes using these apps is considered an act of privacy invasion. Spy-Apps-Software.com in no way encourages you to stick noses where they don’t belong. That being said check out the apps and lay rest to all the doubts and fears before you take any other steps. Here more useful apps for android like: Cocospy, Mobile Spy and more other. Feel free to tell us about your spying experiences in the comments below.

Legal notice: Please do not use these spy apps to spy on individuals without their permission. It is breaking of law. Spy-Apps-Software.com do not recommend users to use these apps on individuals to track them or harass them. Please read terms and condition of the individual software maker. We do not accept responsibility for actions involved with purchasing, installing or using these apps. Use it at your own risk. By clicking any links in this website, you agree to our Legal Terms and Privacy & Disclaimer.

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