How to Keep Employees Productive During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus came into our lives suddenly and unplanned. Many aspects of our life are changing, and we are forced to fit a new lifestyle. Due to the fact that coronavirus is spreading in more than 180 countries, the public must prepare for a possible coronavirus pandemic in the United States. We have to rely on social or physical distances to slow down infection. 

Companies should learn about remote work. Replace personal communication with employees by video and telephone conferences. Many large companies are under quarantine. For example, Facebook and Google tell their employees to work from home. First of all,  employers should understand how to keep employees productive during the coronavirus outbreak.

Challenges for Remote Workers

Considering the importance of mobilizing all employees to obtain the desired results in critical circumstances of the coronavirus, the leader should monitor the productivity of the work. During a pandemic and telecommuting, you need to be calm and do your best. How to organize your telework effectively? Obviously, employees will face with a number of problems by working from home.

Challenges of telework because of Covid-19:

  • The most important problem is a comfortable workplace.

The lack of work space at home does not allow focusing on tasks. The situation when you are lying with your computer on the bed and trying to work will lead to a bad result.

  • Lack of stationery and office equipment. 

Often, we have several office computers, a printer, or just a comfortable chair in the office. All these benefits don’t seem important until you start working from home because of a pandemic.

  • Lack of personal communication with colleagues.

We get used to the employees and interaction with them. Due to precautionary measures, people are forced to interrupt any personal contacts and communicate by telephone or via the Internet. Of course, the use of certain apps will increase effectiveness of communication.

  • Self-control and procrastination.

There are a lot of distracting things at home. It’s hard to concentrate and get started. You can use some apps, for self control, for example: tomato timer, etc..

tomato timer


We are constantly distracted by social networks, personal correspondence, an interesting article, cat or even refrigerator.

  • Feeling isolated and depressed. Lack of communication with colleagues during a break and lunch can affect mood and productivity.
  • Resources. This is a problem, when the files and documents, which is necessary for work are not in the corporate cloud, or the employee does not have access to information.

How to control your workers (gps trackers, spy apps)

As we found out, work away from the office contains some inconvenience. The question is how to control employees during the quarantine period? If workers agree, boss may install spy apps and gps tracker on work smartphones. Firstly, this will allow the boss to be sure that quarantine is respected and that everyone is home. Above all, this is a very serious precaution against Covid-19. This will help employees whose work is paid hourly or who use office smartphones. An employee will be motivated to work more efficiently and hard if he knows that his working time is controlled by his superiors.

Which of the best spy apps you can use?

The best spy apps like Mspy, can be used to track workers activities. These apps work as SMS trackers, GPS trackers, and much more.

There are programs that start, when the device is turned on and can display the hours worked, the start and finish times of the working day. 

You can set tasks remotely, track their progress and even immediately assign payment for the work done. This solution is especially beneficial for those who pay for a specific result.

It is a convenient decision to protect your business from coronavirus infection, isn’t it?

how to control remote workers

How exactly can this software be used?

  • to read someones text messages without their phone free;
  • spy on text messages free trial;
  • monitor internet activity;
  • check browsing history;
  • tracking calls;
  • to receive text messages on two phones;
  • intercept text messages free online;
  • to receive text messages from another phone number;
  • determine the location of the phone;
  • track the time spent on social networks.

text messages spy

These apps help to keep employees productive. Remote workers don’t waste time and show results. You know, what they are doing during their working time. Moreover, it make you sure, that workers will do their best.

Pros and cons of working remotely

The advantages of telecommuting:

  • flexible schedule, pandemic protection, saving time, instead of going to work, you can sleep longer, save on lunches, healthy home-cooked meals, colleagues don’t distract, the possibility to concentrate.

The disadvantages of working remotely:

  • lack of workplace, laziness, 
  • lack of personal communication with colleagues, less resources, no control, decrease in productivity, to do an activity that is not team-based, isolation, full-time at home can be depressive. 

How long does coronavirus quarantine last

It is difficult to predict how long this outbreak and disturbance in the USA and another countries can last. There is also a question as to how the coronavirus will behave in the long term. It might be seasonal, abating with warmer weather. That’s why we don’t know how long does coronavirus quarantine last. Maybe one month, but maybe it will be longer. 

Of course, these security measures are forced, and we should adapt to a quarantine home lifestyle. It remains only to hope that this will end faster. Based on various forecasts, the Covid-19 will spread throughout the world for at least a month.


Based on the whole situation, we must be prepared for productive work from home. We should prepare our workplace, set a schedule for work from home, set tasks for ourselves and our colleagues, establish communication channels with employees and, if it possible, control remote workers using spy apps. Motivate colleagues, maintain communication, stay home and wash hands)

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