How to Find SMS Tracker on Phone

how to find sms tracker

With smartphones becoming such a huge part of our daily lives, it makes sense for us to keep them as safe as we can. With people doing everything on their phones from making purchases to conducting business, it has become very important to know if someone is using something like an SMS tracker on your phone. And if you find out that a text messages’ spy is actually installed on your phone, what you should do to remove it. 

Before we tell you how to find an SMS tracker on your phone, let’s see what text messages spy apps can actually do. 

SMS Tracker Apps

An SMS tracker downloaded on your phone will essentially send all of your messages to the person who has installed the tracker on your device. They will be able to see who you talk to and what you both say to each other. This, obviously, puts you at risk of losing personal information but what’s worse is that the best spy apps will not only track your messages but also your calls, emails, web history, GPS location, and much more. So, even if someone uses a free SMS tracker for Android, they will end up getting access to a lot more of your daily activities. 

That is precisely why it is important to know how to find an spyware apps on a phone. 

How to Find SMS Tracker on a Phone

sms tracker

Most remote SMS tracker apps, even a free, work in ‘stealth’ mode on the target phone. So you won’t be able to see a weird app in the app list of your phone. For this reason, you need to be a little more wary of how your phone is behaving during the day to day usage. Here are some things that may suggest the presence of suspicious programs on phones:

  • Your phone fails to hold its battery all of a sudden, even though you haven’t recently installed a new app or made any changes to your phone. 
  • Your phone’s screen automatically lights up from time to time without any reason. 
  • Your phone’s battery usage section, or a third party app that monitors battery life, shows an unidentified app running in the background.
  • Your phone has problems while shutting off. It tries to keep the screen lit up. 
  • Your phone suddenly started freezing. 
  • Your phone’s file manager shows some files that you cannot remove manually. 

While it’s not necessary that such issues mean that someone has installed an spy app on your phone, they can definitely suggest the possibility. 

How to Remove SMS Tracker Apps

If you have found an unidentified app running on your phone that you can’t find in your app tray, then it might very well be a remote SMS tracker. In order to remove the app, you can do the following:

  • If your phone is not updated, update it to the latest firmware and install the latest security patch. 
  • Go into your settings and search for an unidentified app in your list of installed apps. Once you find it, delete it. If you can’t find an app here, check your device’s administrative privileges section and see if an unknown app has access to them. If it does, remove those privileges. 
  • Use a well-reputed anti-malware app to scan your phone. 
  • If nothing else works, or just in case you want to be super safe, just factory reset your phone once and the spyware should be removed. 

How to Keep Your Phone Safe

how to find sms tracker

Now that you know how to find an SMS tracker on your phone, you should also know how to keep your device safe from such apps in the first place. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your phone locked with a strong password and/or a fingerprint. Try not to use the insecure face unlock options that can easily be fooled. 
  • Do not let someone you don’t trust access your phone. 
  • Keep your iCloud credentials safe and secure if you use an iPhone. Many SMS trackers for iPhone like, Cocospy, or mspy working without jailbreak use the target’s iCloud credentials to track all their uploaded data. 
  • Install a good anti-malware app and regularly run checks to be safe. 

With these simple steps, it would be very difficult for anyone to install an SMS tracker on your phone. The best thing to do is just to keep your passwords safe and your phone locked. If you leave your phone lying around without a password in public spaces, then at the end of the day it’s you who is at fault. A phone is one of the most personal possessions people have these days, and it’s important to keep them as safe as possible if you want to keep control of your privacy. 

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