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One of the most famous and widely-used communication apps these days in WhatsApp. This app makes it possible for people to text or call anyone over the internet. Users can also share media files and other documents via WhatsApp. The app is very stable, very reliable, and very good at what it does which is why so many people rely on it for their primary communication needs.

However, due to its vast user base, WhatsApp can also be used for various harmful things like cyberbullying, sexting, and manipulating young children. That is why many parents wish to know how to hack WhatsApp in order to keep an eye on their children. Even if you’re not a parent, you might still want to know about a suitable apps like Qustodio in order to find out the truth about someone’s intentions.

So, let’s take a look at how to hack someone’s WhatsApp.

Using Spy Apps

Other than sneaking into their room and stealing their phone, pretty much the only reliable way to hack WhatsApp on iPhone or Android phones is to use one of the many best spy apps. These apps are designed to track different kinds of activity being done on someone’s phone, and the ability to hack WhatsApp messages in one of their abilities. Spy apps that can perform a WhatsApp hack work in secrecy by deleting their icon on the target phone so that the user doesn’t know that the app is installed on their phone. This makes spy apps the best way to hack WhatsApp chat history and also new conversations.

Installing Spy Apps

Now that you know how to hack WhatsApp, let’s see how you can install a spy app on the target phone. Yes, you will have to install the app on the actual phone so if you’re wondering how to hack a WhatsApp account without the victim’s phone, that will not work. In order to have the app hack WhatsApp messages, you will need to install the apk file on the target’s phone. After that, the app will hide itself and get to work. Do note that most apps don’t work properly on iPhones for the purpose of a WhatsApp hack unless the iPhone is jailbroken. Also, if an app claims that it ca hack a WhatsApp account using just a phone number, then it’s probably fake.


How Will It Work?

Once the app is installed, it will run in the background and will track all WhatsApp activities. These include incoming and outgoing messages, calls received or made, images and other media files shared, and video calls that are made. All of this information that’s collected from the hacked WhatsApp account will be sent to a secure online control panel which you can access with your personal login credentials. Once you’re logged in, all the cell phone data being tracked is viewable by you. This control panel will be very secure and only accessible by yourself. Here, you can also change the app’s settings or uninstall it from the target device once you’re done gathering evidence or finding out whatever you need to.

What Else Can Be Tracked?

A spy app will rarely focus on tracking just one thing. So when you’re searching for how to hack WhatsApp, keep in mind that you will be getting many more features from a spy app that you choose. Most Whatsapp spy apps will give you access to calls and text messages on the device, emails, browser history, location data, stored media files, and more. Some advanced apps, other than performing a WhatsApp hack, will also give you access to activities taking place on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram. So, whenever you invest in a spy app to hack WhatsApp online, you will get a whole lot more in order to really find out what’s going on in your target’s life.


So, now you know how to hack a WhatsApp account with the use of a spy app. Please keep in mind that hacking WhatsApp account using a phone number is not possible, neither is it possible to track someone’s WhatsApp without installing an app on their phone. So before you make any decision regarding which spy app you should go with, be sure to read some of its reviews online. These reviews are a great source of explaining in detail what an app can do and whether it can even hack a WhatsApp account or not. With that, we conclude our guide into helping you figure out how to perform a WhatsApp hack on the device of your child or anyone who’s acting a little strange for some reason.

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