How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being “Seen”


While the internet has brought many niceties to the people of the world like being able to reach out to anyone pretty much anywhere in the world, it has also caused some issues in terms of privacy. No, we’re not talking about the very serious privacy concerns like data leaks or identity thefts. We’re talking about the day to day struggle many people face with using apps like Facebook Messenger and having to feel pressurized to respond to every single message they have read, right away. Why? Because the sender is able to ‘see’ that the message has been read by you.

Why Read Facebook Messages Without Being ‘Seen’?

Well, because you don’t always want to reply straight away to people. There are many reasons why you could be wondering how to read Facebook messages without being seen by the sender. Maybe you are busy working on something and a close friend messages you to ask about something not-so-urgent. Maybe you’re trying to avoid someone but they keep messaging you. Maybe you just need a small break to relax but are getting messages from someone. In all these situations, and more, knowing that the other person will see the indicator in front of their message telling them that you’ve read it makes you anxious. Because it means that the other person is not actively waiting for you to respond, which then pressurizes you and nobody likes that pressure.


So, you wonder how to read Facebook messages without the sender knowing and you land here.

How to Read Messages on Facebook Without Being ‘Seen’ Then?

There are two good ways you can achieve this feat. One of them works with all kinds of devices while the other one is for computers.

On Multiple Devices

Knowing how to read Facebook messages without being seen on Android phones and other devices is pretty easy. All you need to do is to use the handy ‘Flight Mode’ built into the many devices you use. But first, you need to understand how these read receipts work with Facebook. When someone sends you a message, they first see a hollow white circle with a checkmark in it. This indicates that the message has been sent from their side. When the message reaches you, the hollow circle converts into a filled circle and the sender knows that the message has been received by you. And when you actually open the message, the circle is replaced by your profile picture, letting the sender know that you’ve read their message and are now actively ignoring them.

So, how do you avoid this? You simply turn off the internet before reading the message. If Facebook doesn’t have access to the internet, it can’t relay the information to the sender that you have read their message. The catch with this method is that when you do turn the internet back on, the sender will know that you’ve read the message.

However, on Android devices, you can use another trick to keep the message from being marked as seen. Before you turn the internet back on, simply hold down on the conversation and tap on the three lines that appear. These are the conversation options. In those options, tap on ‘mark messages as unread’ and you’re done!

On Computers

So now that you know one way of how to read messages on Facebook without being ‘seen’, let’s take a look at how this is possible on a computer. All you need to do is install the ‘Unseen’ extension available for Chrome. Once installed, this extension will automatically block the read receipts from being shown to the senders of your Facebook conversations. It’s a very simple way to prevent people from knowing that you’ve read their messages.

read facebook messages unseen

If you use Firefox, there’s a similar extension named FB Unseen. If you don’t use Chrome but use another Chromium-based browser like Vivaldi or Brave, you might still be able to access the Chrome Web Store and install the extension.

Wondering How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen, Literally?

If yes, then that means you’re really looking for a way to spy on someone else’s Facebook messages without them knowing about your snooping. The best way to do this is to use one of many Facebook spy apps, like Hoverwatch, FlexiSPY or iKeyMonitor. These apps are designed to be installed on someone’s device and then track their conversations and send them to you in a secure way. However, this process is not legal unless the target is your child who’s under 18 years of age or your target is aware of your tracking activities.

So, with that, we conclude our guide to help you better understand how to read Facebook messages without being ‘seen’ by the sender. Of course, for short messages, you can just use your phone’s notification bar to see someones facebook messages without being seen but for longer messages, using one of the two ways mentioned here will help you out exactly as you need. Happy messaging!


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