Everything You Need to Know About Jailbreaking While Using Spy Apps

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If you’ve been considering using a spy app to track someone’s iPhone activities, then you may have seen the term ‘jailbreak’ every now and then. Many spy apps, at least a few years ago, required you to jailbreak the target iPhone in order to work properly. These days, however, the rise in no-jailbreak spy apps has increased and there are many available that allow you to spy on iPhone without installing software even. But still, it’s important that you know what jailbreaking is and why it may be needed for you to use a powerful spy app to the fullest. 

What is Jailbreak?

If you have ever had an iPhone, you know that the software is locked down. There is not much customization, no installation of apps from outside the App Store, and no way to change advanced system settings. Jailbreaking is a process that essentially unlocks the iPhone’s system settings and gives you the ability to make system-level changes. These can range from the installation of apps to customizing the iPhone’s interface completely. Jailbreaking is not a simple process, however, and can leave your iPhone dead if you’re not careful. 

Why Use Jailbreaking for Spy Apps?

So if you can use free iPhone spy apps without jailbreaking, why would you want to perform this process? Well, it’s true that you can spy on an iPhone with Apple ID and password and not install a spy app on it but the things you’ll be able to track will be very limited. That is why jailbreaking an iPhone is sometimes required. If the target iPhone is jailbroken, you’ll be able to perform advanced activities via one of the best spy apps that you choose to use. 

You will be able to track all activities like reading someones whatsapp messages, calls, emails, photos, videos, social media usage, location, and more. On top of that, some spy phone apps for iPhone will even let you wipe the phone completely if you so wish. You may also be able to record and intercept calls on the target iPhone via this method. Yes, you can instead use no-jailbreak spy apps too but you won’t be able to do any of this with them. Jailbreaking may be a complicated process, but it is worth it if you need to have advanced control over the target phone that goes beyond giving you access to messages, calls, and more. 

What Can No-Jailbreak Spy Apps Do?

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If you don’t wish to take the risk of jailbreaking and want to spy on an iPhone without installing software on it, then you can do that too. There are spy apps available that simply require the target user’s iCloud credentials. Once you input those, the no-jailbreak spy app will start tracking their iCloud activities. This method requires that iCloud backup be turned on at all times, otherwise, you won’t be able to track anything. These ‘eavesdropping apps’ for iPhone are great for parents who want to track their children’s activities because it’s easier for them to get access to their children’s iCloud username and password. 

With no-jailbreak spy apps, you can track the target’s contacts, messages, location history, photos, videos, browser history, and call logs. Note that if the user switches off their iCloud backup for any of these items, you can no longer track those items. This is the easiest way to use free spy apps for iPhone without the target phone in your hand. 

Best Spy Apps For Both Cases

So, which spy apps are the best for phones that are not jailbroken and those that are? There are many available for both the cases and many of the top spy apps offer both solutions. That means you can use them to spy on and iPhone without having the phone in your possession and using the iCloud credentials as well as gain much more control over a jailbroken iPhone. 

Some of the most famous no-jailbreak spy apps include Spyera, Phonesheriff, XNSpy, and Highster Mobile. All of these offer somewhat the same features including tracking of messages, calls, photos, videos, location, and social media through the iCloud backup on the iPhone. 

On the other hand, apps like The Truth Spy and mSpy offer powerful features on iPhones that have gone through the jailbreak process. With these apps, you can not only track the phone activities but also control some aspects of the target phone. This ability makes them very powerful and they should be used with a lot of care. 

Pros and Cons of No-Jailbreak Spy Apps

So now that you know how to spy on an iPhone without having the phone with you, let’s go over some pros and cons of using an iPhone spy with no jailbreak needed:


  • The process of getting started with tracking is extremely easy. 
  • You can start spying on someone in minutes.
  • There is no need to get physical access to the target iPhone.
  • You get a lot of tracking data without even having to work too hard. 


  • You need to know the iCloud username and password of the target user.
  • iCloud backup needs to be enabled on the target phone. 
  • You cannot control the phone’s settings remotely. Some advanced tracking features will also not be available. 


As you can see, there is a lot of tracking you can get done with no-jailbreak spy apps. Using such apps is the easiest way to get some information about a user’s phone usage. You can also check the top 10 spy apps for iPhone that are free at various websites and give them a try before settling down on one. But no matter which spy app you choose, you should be careful while using them as it is not legal to spy on someone without their knowledge. If you do use such apps legally, they are a really effective way to ensure that your children are being safe on their phones or that their employees are being productive while in the office. 

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