Covenant Eyes Review 2021

March 2021 Update:

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People all around the world today know that the internet is a treasure chest of information that anyone can access at any given time. It contains not only informational data but also sources for entertainment. However, most people also know that the internet, if used without care, can lead to some serious issues. One such issue that’s growing quite rapidly in the world is porn addiction. And to battle that, Covenant Eyes has brought forth a new approach. In our Covenant Eyes review, we will go over its features and tell you how it can help fight addiction to pornography.

But before we do that, let us make it clear that this review, just like all others you’ll find here, is free of bias. We strive to publish neutral and objective reviews of various apps and services to help our users get a clear picture of their options. We use links in our texts to keep our work alive and not to make profits. So if you’re interested in Covenant Eyes, please know that this review will be very neutral and realistic.


A Brief Introduction

Covenant Eyes is not a typical spy app that will let you track someone’s text messages, phone calls, location, and other personal stuff. Instead, it is an accountability software that people who are battling porn addiction can use. Using this accountability software, they can choose someone they trust to help them with their problem and that person will get a report of the user’s internet browsing activities. In this way, the user feels more responsible and conscious of what they search for and how often they do it. On the other hand, the confidant knows if the user is having a hard time controlling themselves and can therefore offer support.

In this seemingly simple way, one can start to distance themselves from pornographic material online by using the Covenant Eyes app.


Covenant Eyes can be used on various devices. These include Windows and macOS computers, Android phones as well as iPhones. The app works well with all platforms and has positive reviews online. Unlike typical monitoring apps, Covenant Eyes works pretty much the same way across all platforms.

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As mentioned before, the Covenant Eyes app doesn’t have all the tracking features you may be familiar with. It has two main features and they both work very well:

Filtering Websites

The first thing you can use this accountability software for is to filter all pornographic websites online and blocking access to them from your phone. Within this feature, there are options to use Adult Blocking which blocks all porn websites and Family Blocking which aims to block more websites that have mixed content and add a restricted mode to YouTube. This latter option is better for parents who want to keep their young children away from all kinds of sexually explicit content.

Screen Accountability

This is the primary feature of the app. Using the Covenant Eyes login details, someone of the user’s choice will be able to see accountability reports regularly about the user’s internet usage. This report is a collection of screenshots that the app takes on the user’s phone at regular intervals, analyzes them to check for pornographic content, and then blurs them for some privacy. These screenshots are then sent to the person that the user has chosen as their ‘accountability partner’. This is a very good way not only to keep one away from such websites but also to have the opportunity to get some support from someone they trust.


Covenant Eyes has a strong technical and customer support system. You can access support articles on their website as well as post queries in a community forum. If you wish to get in touch with the customer support team, you can either email them or use the live chat option to get your issues resolved even quicker.



If you are looking for a free accountability software, this one isn’t it. However, you can definitely use Covenant Eyes’ free trial to get a taste for what the app offers before spending any money. If you end up liking the app, then you can get it for a price of $15.99 per month. At this price, you can use up to 10 accounts which is a very good thing. Essentially, you can use the app to monitor your whole family, or a group of people if you wish. If you wish to use it for a group, then you could divide the cost and the app becomes very inexpensive.

Pros / Cons
  • The app is not a ‘spy app’ so there are no secrets between the user and the accountability partner. It works on a basis of interpersonal trust.
  • The app is very simple at what it does, which translates to good performance. Since it works by taking screenshots, there are no noticeable performance issues on devices.
  • The company behind the app also publishes ebooks and other material to genuinely help people with porn addiction.
  • If you plan on using the Covenant Eyes app for just one person, then the price might feel a little high for what the app offers feature-wise.

Covenant Eyes FAQ

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Covenant Eyes works by taking screenshots of the user’s device and then sending them to a person they’ve chosen as their partner. This way, a sense of accountability is developed that can help the user stay away from porn.

Does Covenant Eyes Monitor Apps?

The cell phone tracker monitors everything that is shown on the screen. This includes all apps as well as websites.

How to Uninstall Covenant Eyes?

In order to uninstall the app, you will need to generate an uninstall code. Your accountability partner will get a notification that you have requested for such a code. You can use this code to uninstall the app from your device.

March 2021 Update:

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Bottom Line

So, as you can see from our Covenant Eyes review, it is a very simple app that aims to solve the very big problem of porn addiction. The way it works is very interesting and also quite effective. Having someone you trust keep an eye on your activities and feeling the responsibility for being a little more in control of your desires are things that can help you get better and break away from the addiction to pornography. If you or someone you know is having such issues, we recommend using Covenant Eyes to see if it helps in your case.

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