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So, you are a parent whose child has suddenly started acting secretive, especially in the context of their smartphone usage. Or you are an employer whose employee has started taking too many breaks or isn’t performing well. In such scenarios, you may want to keep an eye on your child’s or your employer’s phone usage to make sure that there is nothing out of the ordinary going on. As a parent, your concern would be to keep your child safe from online predators or cyberbullies. As an employer, you must worry whether your employee is taking too many personal calls on their work phone or are somehow collaborating with another company behind your back. In both cases, the solution for you might be to install a spy app on their phone. 

What is Highster Mobile and Why You Should Care

Highster Mobile is one of the more famous spy apps available out there. It’s well-acclaimed in the world of phone spy apps because it offers many powerful features and is easy to use. The app is perfectly capable of spying on someone’s phone without their knowledge, which is perfect if you’re looking for a secret spy app to keep an eye on your children or employees. So, if you’re looking for such an app, then this Highster Mobile review is the perfect place for you to be. 

How Does Highster Mobile Work?

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Highster Mobile works by hiding itself on the target phone once you have installed it there and then recording all the specified activities on the target phone. These records are then sent over to the Highster Mobile live control panel that you have access to. Here, you can see all the activities and also change your settings and preferences regarding the app’s functionality on the target phone. Highster Mobile does all of this while staying hidden from the target phone’s user and it gives them no indication of its presence on their phone. 

How to install highster mobile?

Before purchasing Highster Mobile, you should check whether it is compatible with the phone you’re trying to spy on or not. However, seeing as most smartphones being used these days are Androids or iPhones, this should not be a problem. Highster Mobile can be installed on any Android device running an Android version after v3.0. As for Highster Mobile on the iPhone, the device should be running iOS 7 or later. With that out of the way, let’s see how you can install Highster Mobile on a phone:

  • For iPhones:

To install Highster Mobile on an iPhone, you can use one of two ways. The first way is to use the target phone’s iCloud credentials to remotely start using Highster Mobile. For this method, you will get basic cell phone tracking features and will not need to physically access the iPhone. This method is easier to perform but it limits the number of features you get. 

The other way is to physically access the device, jailbreak it and then install Highster Mobile on it. If installed this way, you can use many advanced features like Highster Mobile’s stealth commands and Highster Mobile’s keylogger as well as the basic tracking features. 

  • For Androids:

For an Android device, you have to physically access the device in order to install the app. However, you do not need to root the Android device to get access to most of the tracking features. But if you do root the device, you’ll get access to features that are a lot more advanced like the ability to delete files from the target phone. So, depending on how much control you wish to have over the target phone, you may install Highster Mobile with or without rooting the device. 

What Can Highster Mobile Do?

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A Highster Mobile review would be nothing without talking about the many features that the app brings to the table. Here are some of the most notable features that parents and employers might be interested in:

  • Call and Message Tracking: This is the most basic feature of any spy app. You are able to see all the incoming and outgoing calls on the phone and also the text messages sent or received. 
  • GPS Tracking: This allows parents and employers to see exactly where the target user is at a given time. It’s a very useful feature when trying to keep kids safe or ensuring that employees are working in the office.
  • Email and Browser Tracking: Keeping an eye on the user’s email inbox and sent items is also an important feature being offered by Highster Mobile. You can also see the browser usage of your children to keep them away from harmful websites. 
  • Stealth Camera: With this feature, you will be able to use the target phone’s camera to take secrete photos of the user’s surroundings to be sure of where they are. 
  • Social Media Tracking: With Highster Mobile, you will also be able to check your children’s social accounts like those on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • App List: If you’re worried about what kind of apps your children are using, you can see the list of all installed and running apps with this feature. 
  • iMessage Tracking: With Highster Mobile on iPhones, you will be able to track everything happening on iMessage as well, which is a popular way of communication between iPhone users.

How is the User Interface?

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In today’s day and age, an app that is not well-designed just won’t see much use no matter how powerful it is. That is why it is important for apps like Highster Mobile to have a compelling and easy-to-use interface that makes sense. Luckily, you won’t have to worry too much about how to use Highster Mobile’s control panel. When you use your Highster Mobile login credentials to get access to the control panel, you can see all the important information right away on the Dashboard. All of the data is presented in a very nice and visual manner. On one side of the screen, you have more tabs that you can click on to get more information. 

Highster Mobile’s control center for Android and iPhone versions is the same and is very easy to use. The data tracked from the target phone takes a little while to upload to the servers but the process itself is quite quick and highly secure. The data transferred from the phone to the online control panel doesn’t get lost as the company uses a high-security transfer protocol to ensure the data’s safety. 

How to Remotely Uninstall the App?

One of the best things about Highster Mobile 2019 is the ability to uninstall it remotely. You don’t need to get access to the target phone and fiddle around with it just to remove the app once you’ve done the spying. All you need to do is use your Highster login for the control center, go to Settings and find the Uninstall Code option. Once you have this code, you can send a normal SMS to the target phone with the code and the app installed on the target phone will detect the code and uninstall itself. How convenient is that?

How Much Does it Cost?

Highster Mobile charges a one-time fee to buy it forever, which is something rare in the world of spy apps. Most premium apps charge a monthly fee to use them. However, you can get the Basic version of Highster Mobile for just $29.99. This is a great price in our opinion, however, you do lose out on features like social media tracking, the Highster keylogger, call recording, and more. If you want such features, you will have to pay $69.99 and get the full Pro version of the app.

One letdown is that the app does not seem to offer a free trial to check out if it works for your needs or not. This should be offered by every spy app in our opinion as you shouldn’t spend any money without checking if the product is as per your needs or not. 

Is It Legal to Use Highster Mobile?

Is it legal to use spy apps in general? So, now that you know how to use Highster Mobile, you should know that it is legal to use such software only when your target user is notified of your intentions to track their devices. For children under 18, you can use the app to track their activities but for anyone over 18, you have to have their consent even if they are your employees using devices provided by yourself. For tracking the activities of your spouse or partner, you must use the app at your own discretion as it is not legal without their consent. 

Final Words

This concludes our Highster Mobile review for today. The application has very powerful features offered at an attractive price. This coupled with the excellent user interface is what makes most Highster Mobile reviews in 2019 so positive online. The app also offers strong technical support and Highster Mobile FAQs are also worth a look if you run into any issue. However, the lack of the Highster Mobile app’s free trial is something to keep in mind when considering it as your phone spy software. 

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