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The quest for discovering the best parental control app is one that is neverending for many parents these days. The internet is making it more and more easy for young children to be influenced by things that are harmful for them or to be contacted by people who want to misuse a child’s trust and trick them into potentially dangerous situations. That is why many parents keep looking for the best free parental control software for PC and for smartphones, in the hope of finding something that works for them.

For this reason, we provide objective and neutral reviews of various tracking software on our website. Our objective is to bring factual information to parents who are looking for a cell phone tracker app to help keep an eye on their children. Our articles are strictly objective and unbiased, and the links you see in them are just to keep our projects alive.

Today, we are going to talk about a parental control app that might appeal to parents. The name of this app is KidLogger, and this review will help you determine whether it’s worth your time and money or not.


What is KidLogger?

KidLogger is one of the more basic apps in its category which provides internet parental controls in order to keep an eye on your child’s internet usage. It aims to give you a better understanding of how much time your kids are spending online, what apps they are using, which websites they are visiting, and more. Unlike other advanced spy apps, KidLogger doesn’t focus too much on highly advanced smartphone tracking features, at least not across all the devices it supports. This KidLogger review will help you decide whether the features provided for different devices make sense for you or not.


The KidLogger app is compatible with various devices, unlike many other spy apps that only work for smartphones. You can download and install KidLogger on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Blackberry. The app also allows you to monitor different devices under one license, so that’s a very good thing about using KidLogger or KidLogger Pro.



Let’s take this KidLogger review up a notch and talk about all the features that are offered in this parental control app:

Web History:

This is a fairly basic feature that tells you which websites your children visited while on their computers. It works with various popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

Time Tracking:

KidLogger also tells you how much time your children have spent on their devices. This feature works on both PCs and smartphones.

Usage of USB and CD Drives

With this feature, you can use the KidLogger app to create a log of all the USB devices and hard drives connected to a PC and also the CDs inserted. This feature helps with preventing a leak of your children’s personal data.


Perhaps one of the most powerful features you’ll see in our KidLogger review is the keylogger. This feature works on PCs and smartphones and records all the typed text on the device. This gives you a pretty comprehensive look into what your children are talking about and what they are searching for online.

Taking Screenshots

On a computer, KidLogger can also take screenshots at various times so you can see what they are doing. You can also set up the app to take a screenshot when a certain keyword is typed on the computer.

Monitoring Messengers

As we all know, children these days are using various online messengers to get in touch with each other. Online predators are also using such messengers to reach out to young children and befriend them. That’s why KidLogger also allows you to monitor chats in various messengers such as Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and more. During Skype video calls, the app can also take a screenshot every 15 seconds.

Most Used Applications

This feature gives you a list of the most used apps on computers and smartphones alike. You can also decide to revoke your child’s access to certain software that you deem unsuitable.


On mobile phones, a KidLogger download will give you access to all messages being sent or received with contact information.

Call Logs

The KidLogger app will also record all calls being made through mobile devices.


You will be able to see all the photos taken with your child’s phone if you use a KidLogger pro apk to install the app on their phone. This feature will help you determine if your children are falling prey to online predators.

Location Tracking

And to wrap up the feature list in our KidLogger review, we have to mention the location tracking which is a pretty usual feature found in most such apps. This will give you a detailed look at where your child went throughout the day, provided that they took the target device with them.


As with even the best parental control app for Android and PC, if it doesn’t have a good customer support system, then it’s a significant issue because not all parents will be able to install such apps and set them up right away. Technical support, therefore, is very crucial for any parental control app. From their website, it seems like KidLogger only allows users to contact them via a contact form or through email. There doesn’t seem to be a phone number to call in case of a technical issue and there is no live chat option either.

Pros / Cons
  • It offers a completely free mode for basic internet tracking needs.
  • It offers different versions with different capabilities, including a powerful spy mode.
  • It is compatible with not only smartphones but also computers.
  • The technical support seems to be lacking unless you use a paid version.
  • There are no time control features where you can shut off internet access to the device at certain times.
  • The app doesn’t work in stealth mode unless you use the most expensive version.


Remember how we mentioned parents looking for the best free parental control software for PC and smartphones? That’s because KidLogger has a completely free version that is great for basic tracking needs. You can monitor up to 5 devices in this free version and it keeps any logged data for you to review for 9 days.

If you want to keep the logged data safe for 30 days and also want some advanced features such as analytics, email reports, and most importantly dedicated technical support, then you can upgrade to the Basic+ version which will cost you $29 a year.

If, however, you were not satisfied with the features presented in this KidLogger review and would like to have some actual spy features such as reading messengers’ chats on phones, listening to calls, use the app in stealth mode, listen to phone’s surroundings, and more, then you can upgrade to the Professional version for $89 per year.


KidLogger FAQ

How to use KidLogger?

Using the app is quite simple. You first need to register for an account and then download the KidLogger apk on a smartphone or the .exe file on a computer. Then, simply install the app normally. Once done, all the data that is tracked from the target device will be sent to the online KidLogger server and saved as a journal. You can then view this journal anytime by logging into your online account.


Is KidLogger Invisible?

As stated before, KidLogger seems to work in invisible mode only when you purchase the Professional version with the various spy features.

Bottom Line

So, we have come to the end of our KidLogger review. In our opinion, it’s a decent parental control app for PC and for smartphones as well. The best thing about it is that you can choose what level of tracking you actually need to do. If you want simply basic internet parental control features, then the free version is very compelling and would make this one of the best free parental control apps for PC that you can use.

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