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In this world where everything is done online in front of the eyes of millions of people, where each photo uploaded can reach a global audience, and where every thought can be put into words and be read by people around the world, how do you make sure that your children are being safe with all this power in their hands?

Children day by day are getting more and more reliant on using smartphones and other such devices, and they are also being targeting day in and day out by people who have nefarious objectives. That is why the idea of using spy apps is gaining more traction among parents. And one of the more famous names in this realm is Spyera. Let’s take a look at Spyera in detail and determine whether it’s the right thing for you or not.

What Is Spyera And How Does It Work?

Spyera is a parental control software that works like a background spy app on a child’s phone when installed. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your child’s smartphone activities and to make sure that they don’t fall into any dangerous situations. It works like any other eavesdropping app for iPhones or Android phones. It stays hidden on the target phone and records all the specified activities to relay them to you remotely. Now that we know what Spyera is, let’s get on with this Spyera reviews.

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Can Spyera Be Used Without Jailbreak and Root?

If you have ever searched how to spy on an Android phone or an iPhone, you must have read the terms ‘rooting’ and ‘jailbreaking’ here and there. Both of these are processes that remove some security protocols from Android phones and iPhones respectively in order to allow you to make very advanced changes to your device.

Spyera does not require you to root an Android device in order to be installed. However, to use Spyera on your child’s iPhone, you do have to root it. This makes the question of how to install Spyera on iPhones more tricky to answer, and parents need to be safe while performing a jailbreak on their child’s iPhone.

How to Install Spyera?

Installing Spyera as a bug software for mobile phones is not a difficult process, provided that the iPhone in question is jailbroken already. All you need to do is buy the app and make an account for yourself. Once done, you can download the apk onto the target phone and install the app. After this, the app will get to work and will keep itself hidden. You will be able to log into your remote web portal to see all the recorded activities.

What Can Spyera Do?

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Now for the most important part of this Spyera review. Let’s see about the main things this iPhone remote listening device can do for parents:

It can track all call logs and messages on your child’s phone. You’ll always know who your child is being in touch with.
It will also give you a complete view of your child’s activities on apps like Facebook, Skype, and Viber.
It is helpful in letting you know where your child is at all times thanks to its GPS location tracking. This is important when you want to ensure that your children are not meeting strangers or going to dangerous places without your knowledge.

It can work as a bug software for mobile phones by recording the surroundings of your child’s phone at any given time. It can record videos and sounds so that you know who your children are with and what they’re talking about. This feature turns Spyera into a powerful iPhone remote listening device.
It can also show you all the photos and videos that are stored on your child’s phone. This will help you notice any patterns that may end in something harmful.

As mentioned before, Spyera does not require an Android phone to be rooted. However, if you do root the target device before installing Spyera, you will get access to some advanced features that only work on rooted Android phones:

You’ll be able to listen in to calls as they are taking place. This will be very helpful especially if you’re worried that your child is being contacted by someone who wishes to harm them
The recording of the phone’s surroundings will work as they work for jailbroken iPhones.
You will be able to track famous messaging apps in case your children are being contacted in other ways than calls and SMS.

What Does Spyera’s Control Panel Do?

All the data recorded by the Spyera app for Android and iPhone is sent to an online control panel where you can see it in a very easy way. The online panel is secure and the data is not lost and also isn’t shared with anyone else. Here, you will also be able to change any settings of the app like deciding what you want it to track. The control panel is an essential part of using any background spy app.

Is Using Spyera Legal?

For tracking the phones of children that are younger than 18, using Spyera is legal. However, for anyone older, you have to seek their permission before you can use any such spy app. This Spyera review may also be attractive to employers who want to track the devices of their employees to ensure maximum productivity at work. Such people should be aware that they can use Spyera only on phones provided by themselves to their employees and only if the employees are given prior notice of your intention to track them.

How Much Does Spyera Cost?

Before ending this Spyera review, we must talk about its pricing. The app comes in two versions. If you get the Premium version, you have to pay $11.99 per month. In this version, you get only the basic tracking abilities and miss out on features like live call listening, keylogger, social media apps’ tracking, and the recording of the phone’s surroundings.

If you want such features, then you have to pay $24.99 per month for the Premium Plus version. It should also be noted that the app does not offer a free trial. However, you do have the option to get all your money back within 10 days of purchasing the app if you’re not happy with it.

Pros / Cons
  • 24/7/365 Multi-Language Support
  • Quick Installation & Invisible Mode
  • Fast installation. It takes about 4 minutes to install.
  • Track SMS, Social Apps, Location, etc
  • 10 days money back guarantee
  • Need to jailbreak/root the device
  • There is only one supported payment method. You can buy the app only with Credit cards.

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So, is Spyera a good app to use to track your children? Well, going by the Spyera app reviews, you can be sure that it does have good stability and a good customer support as well. It also is better than black market spy apps you might find for free that may actually be malware. However, the fact that the application has to be bought in the Premium Plus version to get basic features like social media tracking puts a question mark on whether it can be recommended or not. Also, the app does not allow for parental controls to be enabled on the child’s phone so it’s just a cell phone tracker app in the end. Another big reason why people might be put off by Spyera is that it cannot work with iPhones by using iCloud credentials as many other apps can.

Keeping all of that in mind, it’s not easy to overlook Spyera’s cost for getting some basic features. However, if money is not an issue for you then the app is quite stable and has good reviews. And you do have the ability to ask for your money back if you don’t like it, so you may as well give it a go yourself.

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